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concrete polishing and toppings ~ a solution for every sur
BGSB Concrete Africa Ltd is one of the leading applicators of concrete floorings in Kenya (East Africa) and India. BGSB assures all floor treatments and applications are VOC free environment friendly, confirming to norms set by India Green Building Council (IGBC, LEED-India) and other International Green Building Organizations. BGSB also has technical collaboration with most leading international flooring companies for different and exclusive applications of:

Concrete Flooring Floor Hardening System Floor Polishing Systems
Anti-Dusting Treatments Colour Concrete System Floor Restorations
MicroToppings Polished Concrete System Superflat VNA Floorings

Vision of BGSB is To remain the market leader and deliver most high quality flooring environment in Industries, Factories, Warehouses, Homes, Offices and Retail Outfits. When choosing BGSB rest assured as you have selected the best!


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